How to sidestep the global shipping crisis? - Home Depot has contracted its own container ship

Yantian port, the world's fourth-largest container port, was partially shut down from May 25-27 after five crew members aboard a container ship docked at the port tested positive for Covid-19. This has led to delays, port traffic jams, and blockages. The neighboring ports, such as Hong Kong, Shekou and Nansha, are suffering the same problems due to the slowdown at Yantian and the diversion of vessels away from there to these ports.

Home Depot

Home Depot is the third-largest importer in the US, the company made a decision: to get its own boat. "We have a ship that's solely going to be ours and it's just going to go back and forth with 100% dedicated to Home Depot." The President and COO Ted Decker said in an interview. They have chartered its own vessel to start transporting products in mid-July in an effort to avoid maritime congestion that might hold up goods needed in time for the holidays.

The port is slowly reopening, but there is a long waiting list of ships that must perform both discharge and load operations. It will take time to work through.

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