Headboard Reading Light

Modern adjustable head LED flush mount bedside reading light

This attractive recessed LED wall reading light is finished in high quality matte black, a perfect pick for a variety of different decors. The head of this headboard mounted reading light fits into the back plate when the light is not in use. The built in on and off switch is easy to operate by pulling and pushing the head. With the eye-catching design, this pull out LED bedside reading light intergrates a 3 Watt warm white light.
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    Steel, Aluminum, LED
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    2 Years
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    6-8 weeks
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    Shenzhen, Guangzhou

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Modern adjustable head LED flush mount bedside reading light

Simply pull the head out from the base and the light switches on, then turns off again when you push the head back into the back plate. This wall mount reading lamp is a most-wanted light for the bedroom. With the head can be angled, this recessed LED wall reading light is adjustable so you can direct the light exactly where you like. Being a perfect balance of form and function, this pull out bedside reading light fits in any modern domestic or commercial setting.

Specification : 


Built-in Bedside Reading Lights

Hotel guest room, Bedroom, Headboard, Living Room
Dimensions in inch
Aluminum, Iron
Black, White, Bronze, Gold, Brass or customized
LED 3000K 3W
On/Off Switch

FAQ : 

Q: Is white or warm light better for reading?

A: Soft white (2,700 to 3,000 Kelvin) is warm and yellow, giving a warm and cozy feeling. This light color will maximize contrast for colors, making it ideal for working, reading or applying makeup.

Advantages : 

1. Nearly 20 years of experience on hotel guestroom wall lights - a professional lamps supplier. 

2. Over 200+ lighting and mirrors, have a strong ability for custommade items. 

3. Have worked for the most hotel brands, such as Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, etc. Many decorative lights for the hospitality industry are available.

4. No minimum order quantity required, whether guestroom or public space, all the lightings can be customized.

5. Budgeted cost with guaranteed quality and on-time delivery.

6. 7*24 service for your project needs.

Packaging & Protection : 

polybag + polyfoam + brown carton box; pallet, plywood crate or customized.

We are professional wall sconces manufacturers, welcome your inquiry!

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With so many lamps & mirrors available, you have a handful of choices to make regarding the size, shape, material, color, light output and more. Find below selection to free your time.

LED bedside reading light
Gooseneck Headboard Mounted Chrome LED Bedside Reading Light for Hotel

Make a statement with your bed when you add this gooseneck LED reading light to your bedroom. Featuring a nickel finish, the headboard reading lamp brings a touch of mid century modern to any room. The flexible head is able to direct light anywhere, while the 1W LED provides focused illumination for reading. The rectangle backplate brings drama to this gooseneck bedside reading light, making it the best headboard reading light.

Bedside reading light with USB and wireless charger
Modern Walnut LED Bedside Reading Light With USB And Wireless Charger

This stunning bedside reading light with wireless charger is a must-have item for your space, the backplate is finished in walnut wood effect while the cylindrical head and shelf are finished in brass. Another important feature is the night light at the back of plate, providing reflective hallow illumination on the wall. This beautiful headboard reading light fixture is built in with an USB port, so that you can charge more electronic items. This attractive bedroom LED reading light usually comes in pairs that the switches and reading lights are respectively on left and right, it's an ideal choice to add charming and functions to your interior design.

Antique brass LED reading light
Antique Brass Wall Mounted LED Reading Light For Bedroom

A beautiful sleek design, this gorgeous antique brass wall mounted reading light is a must-have item for bedroom, living room above the sofa, study room. This stunning bed reading lamp offers a swivel head for easy movement, controlled with a rocker switch. This modern LED reading light fixture protrudes directly forward at a downward angle emitting a 3W warm 3000K light. Available in three colour finishes, matte white, satin nickel and antique brass.

Bronze headboard reading light
Bronze Flexible Gooseneck LED Headboard Reading Light With Switch

Sleek and modern, this bronze headboard reading lamp has an adjustable gooseneck design to aim light where you need it. This contemporary gooseneck bedside LED reading light is controlled by a toggle switch in the base, very easy to operate. The integrated 3W LED provides a bright, energy efficient and long-lasting illumination. 3000K Warm-white light gives a cozy feeling, it relaxes your eyes more easily compared to the cool white light. This elegant flexible arm wall mounted headboard reading light comes in 3 finishes: bronze, nickel, chrome, it's the perfect reading light.

Headboard LED reading lamp
Black round mini headboard LED reading lamp with switch

This contemporary bright wall mounted bedside reading lamp is far more amazing than you can image, it's made of high quality metal materials, safe and long lifespan. The adjustable headboard mounted LED reading light has a 350° horizontal rotation head, let you aways find the right angle to read. Finished in classic matte black, this round LED bed reading lamp is perfect for lighting and decoration purpose. Besides white, nickel, bronze, gold and other colors are an option.

LED reading light with backlight and USB
Modern Black Flexible Wall LED Reading Light with Backlight and USB

This stunning bedside wall reading lamp has a backlight, 2 rocker switches allow you to control both light sources individually. With a 360 degree rotation hose, this elegant flexible reading light is able to point at any angle you need the lighting to be and brings you a more comfortable experience. With built-in USB port or type C port, this gorgeous LED wall mount reading light fixture is very convenient for you to charge your phones or other electronic items. It can be used in bedroom, living room, study room, hotel, etc.

Led headboard reading light
Hotel chrome gooseneck led headboard reading light

Modern chrome wall mounted bedside led reading light with rocker switch, this is perfect for reading next to your bed. The flexible gooseneck enables to put it at any position you prefer.

Wall mounted LED bedside reading lamp
Black Adjustable Wall Mounted Bedside LED Reading Light

A clean and simple modern piece, this attractive adjustable wall LED reading light provides the perfect layer of light. Made from durable steel and aluminum that withstands extended daily use, these lights come in understated bronze, nickel and polished chrome, or classic matt black and white, they will complement any décor. Head tilts 90 degrees and rotates 350 degrees, this gorgeous swivel LED reading lamp allows you to direct light just where you need it. Ideal for use beside the bed, in home offices or in a cozy reading corner, the compact yet stylish wall mounted reading fixture delivers a comfortable, glare-free glow. Toggle rocker switches are engineered for easy control, while integrated LEDs allow for optimum efficiency and low maintenance.

Modern headboard reading lamp
3W Square white bedroom headboard mounted LED reading lamp for hotel

This bright square headboard wall mount lamp is far more amazing than you can image, with LED chip light source the energy consumption is 90% lower than that of ordinary incandescent lamps. This dimmable LED reading light is made in high quality metal materials, finished in powder coated white. With rotated head, the contemporary LED reading light for bed headboard is easy to position and direct light directly to the reading material. Modern, simple and fashion design, perfect at hotel, study room, living room, bedroom, dining room, entrance, kitchen, stairs, balcony and other indoor dry places.

Modern headboard light
Modern Brass Swivel Headboard LED Reading Light

This stunning brass headboard reading light comes with a swivel head, you can adjust it to place at the angle you want it to be and focuse on your book. This beautiful headboard LED light fixture is integrated with a push switch in the back plate, it lets out a clean task glow that mellows or brightens with one simple touch. A clean and understated design, this gorgeous bedroom reading light fixture is the ideal lamp for your interior decoration.

Hotel bed headboard reading light
Hotel Brushed Bronze Recessed Bed Headboard LED Reading Light

Modern and simple, this stylish recessed headboard reading light fixture has a beautiful metallic finish with a line aesthetic. This gorgeous wall mounted bedside LED reading light is perfect where you want directional light. Arm tilts 90 degrees and head rotates 180 degrees. Light turns on when retracted from wall. The body nestles inside when not in use for a virtually flat look. This attractive bedroom reading lamp can be used in other spaces, such as: corridor, living room, study, corridor, dining room, kitchen, entrance, balcony, hotel room, exhibition hall, etc.

Flexible gooseneck LED light
Black gooseneck headboard LED reading light

This LED headboard lamp comes with an adjustable gooseneck which lets you to position the light at any angle as you lie in bed, which is perfect for reading. The 1W LED is built in the aluminum housing, while the base is crafted from steel. The wall mounted reading light for bed is turned on/off by a rocker switch. This modern black LED reading light is also available in white, chrome, etc.

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